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You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Winnie the Pooh

My expertise is based on my education and professional background, life experiences and being a mother. I have three bachelor's degrees, a master of science degree, and multiple professional diplomas in children's and educational psychology.

My main focus includes special education needs and neurodiversity.
I am a professional Child and Educational psychologist keen to help neurodiverse children and their parents. I also work with adults with ADHD and am willing to help with self-acceptance and mindset, planning and procrastination. I will coach you through tough times towards success and happiness. 

I am a member of nasen (National Association for Special Education Needs), member of a Practioner member of the Complimentary Medical Association in the UK and a member of the British Psychological Society. Right now, I am studying towards a Doctoral in Education Psychology and will soon be able to do even more for my clients. 
When you stop learning, you stop growing, so I am trying to keep up with new psychology studies and enrolling in different professional courses worldwide to keep developing myself and staying up-to-date with new approaches and findings.

A bit of a backstory about myself: in 2013, I founded an educational centre for kids to study foreign languages using unique psycholinguistic methods. I managed the centre for another two years, and we opened a second office in a different city. 

I lived in 5 different countries and worked in different cultures. Throughout my life, there were times when I was a single mum, a child of divorced parents, and a sexual assault survivor. I've had experience working with abused women and people with borderline disorders. I have an incredible autistic daughter who, like me, also has ADHD. This club was founded in her name for children like her and families like ours.

So I know that feeling when everything's slipping away, and you may not believe it, but I know how to survive, keep going, and stay happy no matter what. I know how to help you to take control of your life. I can help you to improve your life through mindset management and evidence-based techniques. 
I learned to live with neurodiversity and use it as my superpower, and I want to share my knowledge and experiences to help you!  

Something changed when my little "boolka" happened, and I wanted to develop even more in a field where I could help others. So, where I am now and who I became is all because of my daughter. The child will teach you more than you will ever teach them.

Boolka - here it is used as a nickname for the child. The meaning of the word is little bun of bread, little pie, cupcake. 


Higher Education

Master of Science Psychological Sciences

(Brunel University)


Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Pedagogy and Psychology

(Rostov State University of Economics)

Bachelor's Degree in Social Work

(Rostov State Transport University)

Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Criminology

(City University of London)

Diplomas & Courses

Child Psychology Diploma (Complementary Medical Association)

Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma (Complementary Medical Association)

Special Education Needs & Disability Diploma(Complementary Medical Association)

Child Nutrition and Cooking (Stanford University)


The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs (University of Toronto)

Leading for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education

(University of Michigan)

Specialist Diploma in Neurographical Coaching: Principles and Skills
(Psychology of Creativity Institute, Pavel Piskarev)

Course on How To Get Out Of The Script And Be Happy

(Dr. Mikhail Litvak)

Study UK: A Guide For Education Agents And Counsellors

(British Council)

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