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How much time do you spend with your kids?

Have you ever thought about how much quality time per day you spent with your child or children? When you had a busy day at work, you come home, and what is the first thing you do? Do you start cooking, do you keep working? Do you pour yourself a glass of wine and watch the news or read a book? Do you have help from your partner, or maybe you delegate part of your home duties to someone else? Who is checking your kids' homework? When do you have time to clean after dinner? Am I missing something? School project, grocery list, contract for an important client, did anyone walked the dog?!

There are so many questions and so much guilt if you haven't done something you planned, especially if one of the parts of your life is suffering because you spent on some other task more time.

Did you ever ask yourself, when do I have time for anything? And what should I prioritise, or what should I choose?

It would be best always to choose yourself, but life is happening, and you can't pause it. But do you know that it is crucial to spend time with your children, not do homework together, or drive them to extracurricular activities... SPENT TIME! Do you talk to them? Do you ask them not how was your day and what did you learn? Do you ask them who they played today with, what they didn't like at school, did that boy took your pencil case again?

If you want your children to be part of your life when they grow up, you need to be part of their life now. What do you think your children will remember from their childhood, that you paid for their karate classes, or were there and helped them tight the belt and put the gloves on?

I have a small task for you to complete, simple, just 10 questions:

  • What is your child's favourite colour?

  • What are the names of their BFFs?

  • Favourite song of this week?

  • Last movie/cartoon they watched?

  • Which kid bullies them at school?

  • Least favourite subject at school?

  • What were they dreaming of last night?

  • Favourite lunchtime meal at school?

  • Do you know the name of the favourite toy or character they play in a video game?

  • What do they fear the most?

If you scored 7 out of 10, well done, but there is always room for improvement.

If not.

Ok. Now. Rewind. How much time do you spend with your kids per day?

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